My Journey in Eschatology 

I firmly believed in the classic dispensational view, a rapture, a seven year tribulation and Millennial reign of Christ. It was fact to me without question and a hill I would die upon—until someone challenged me on it. 

People who I would consider great exegetes and godly men were teaching this; I asked why. Why were they producing so much of these particulars of nonsense? 

Are you captivated by End Times Theories? 

Are you a committed Christian or a surrendered Christian? 

The main point of Biblical, Exegetical Eschatology is to tell us not to be discouraged, but remain faithful and vigilant. We are to live our lives as if Christ were coming tomorrow, or preparing and planning as if He were coming a thousand years from now. We are not to be preoccupied with the details and trivialities. That is why Jesus did not give them to us. Rather, our faith development and steadfastness are far more impacting and real for ourselves and others around us! 

How Important is Eschatology? 

If Eschatology is confusing to you, be assured that there is no need to adopt or adhere to any particular viewpoint. In addition, none of us should be captivated to any one point. 

The Application of Eschatology? 

Is there an Application for Revelation and Biblical Eschatology? 

Revelation, as most evangelicals understand it, is about the last days and the judgment of evil, and, for the most part it is. “However,” (a BIG “however,” and a “however” most of us do not like to hear and will rarely study or teach on); Revelation is also about how we are called to lead faithful lives and manage HIS CHURCH! 

What is Apocalyptic Literature? 

How does Apocalyptic Literature Work? 

Some Apocalyptic Examples 

Interpreting Apocalyptic Literature 

The Popular Apocalyptic Images 

Apocalyptic Literature is Not a Secret Code? 

Getting the Most Out of Apocalyptic Literature 

We need to realize that all languages use symbols and metaphors including Greek and Hebrew, and thus, the Bible. If we assume a word is literal when it is not, we will make an erroneous conclusion that will lead us and others away from the correct precept. 

Consequently, the inscription key is the understanding of the Old Testament and Jewish customs and thought, not today’s newspaper headlines! So, you use a concordance and look up that word, such as lampstand, and see what it meant in Exodus and then in Zechariah, and you have your key to unlock the “code” of the word. 

Daniel and Revelation are not Puzzles! 

Apocalyptic genre (literature) has a clear meaning most of the time, when we realize what it is and how it operates. 

The Rule of Exegetical Eschatology 

What is Exegetical Eschatology? 

Rule 2: Context, Context, and Context…

Understanding Revelation and all of the various theories and perspectives is not that important. These are “debatable points” that I lay out side by side in the Bible Studies series in Revelation. This way, the research is done all you have to do is read His Word and examine the meanings and see the theories. I did this and found none of the theories are good. All that is important is Who Christ is in you and your trust in Him to work it all out! 



12 thoughts on “Eschatology

  1. Thank you so much for great ministry. Indeed it is agreat help for me. As i teach the subject of eschatology at Hope Bible College in Myanmar.
    I want to request you is kindly send me your notes/ article concerning eschatology. Especially Mt 13 kingdom parable and Rev 2-3 7 churches comparison chart.

    Thank you
    God bless you

  2. Hello All

    I’ve been looking at Hosea chap 6 verse 2. It says “After two days I’ll revive you in the third you will live in my sight. He is referring to Israel but believe specifically the city of Jerusalem and its fall in 70 AD August 5th. So dating using the principle of a thousand years is as a day principle you can come to the year and date of 2070 AD after August 5th. The hours can be measured in units of 41.666 which if you look you can find something of an
    intresting pattern in terms of celestial and earthly events. Doe’s anyone think similarly if so please respond?

  3. Hi, how do feel about individuals teaching a series on the End Times. (supposedly studied an online course) I cannot confirm this! It will be 14 week series with a DVD viewing,followed by Q/A? What qualifies individuals with authority to teach this profound area of scripture? Thank you. Christine

  4. You have a very good question Christine…The answer for most is pride and assumption…. For me, basically, I have spent over 30 years reading and studying Revelation and the Bible, I have an M.Div, a Ph.D, 30 years of being a pastor and teaching the Bible, but that does not qualify me! What does? I strive to have a real effectual faith and I go to the Bible using the logic of induction, that is I do not presume or assume; rather see what is being said, in context, actual word meanings and I do not read into God’s Most Precious Word what I want it to say….as most others do…. And I lay out all the main theories side by side so you can see for yourself…. Be blessed! Phi 1:6

  5. Dear Ms. Christine

    I can only agree with you concerning those things you mentioned. I mentioned earlier the with this added extra the only thing to to be done as
    discouragingly Herculean as it might be is to translate the text yourself and seek out as many viewpoints concerning the written texts as possible. I mean re-translate even to the Paleo-hebrew trust nothing if you can help it. There are also the Septuagint and the Samaritan Pentatuch beware of only the Masoretic text.

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