Revelation Chapter 13 

Revelation 13:1-4  Introduction  

The First Beast! This passage is about the contrasts of Satan versus the distinctions of Christ. Satan seeks to counterfeit and mock God. This is about the forgery of making what is evil and hideous seem attractive. The beast demands our worship and declares war upon the faithful! This passage is cut from its verse references to its context, as it really starts at the close of chapter 12, where… 

Revelation 13:1-4: What are the Contexts? 

Exegetical look into Revelation 13:1-4  Key word analysis 

The Four Main Views of Revelation 13:1-4 

What does Revelation 13:1-4 mean to us now? 

This passage was written specifically to the seven churches who were facing such evil worldly persecuting powers such as Rome, which  invaded and destroyed Jerusalem, then oppressed those in Asia Minor; also, the evil local officials and the Parthian invaders that persecuted and even destroyed the seven churches as described in Revelation, chapter nine. But, this passage also applies to us on how… 


Revelation 13:5-10  Introduction  

The Beast is Worshiped! The beast demands worship from and declares war upon the faithful as people continue to worship this beast, uncaring and un-convicted of the Real, Holy God. As this beast blasphemes God, he is waging intense war on the believers, counterfeiting our Lord and deceiving multitudes of people. In this, he is persecuting them and turning what is good to be evil and what is evil to be as good, twisting, manipulating and misleading; however… 

Revelation 13:5-10: What are the Contexts? 

Exegetical look into Revelation 13:5-10  Key word analysis 

The Four Main Views of Revelation 13:5-10 

What does Revelation 13:5-10 mean to us now? 

The point John makes is that God wants us prepared so that our eyes are opened to how Satan and evil work and his repetitive patterns so we do not fall for them. Spiritual warfare tends to be more of a battle of our will than its metaphysical dilemmas. The bottom line is that God is still in control, even in persecutions and oppressions! Our call is that no matter what comes to us, we are not to be surprised; rather, we are to be prepared by faith. 

Revelation 13:11-18  Introduction  

The second beast appears as he comes out of the earth. He, too, sought to imitate the True Lamb by having two horns but he spoke with the voice of evil; the dragon and his true intentions are now exposed. He was given the authority of the first beast and demanded all people to worship him. 

Revelation 13:11-18: What are the Contexts? 

Exegetical look into Revelation 13:11-18   Key word analysis 

The Mark!  What does the Mark mean?  

Six hundred and sixty-six!  What does 666 mean?   

The Four Main Views of Revelation 13:11-18 

What does Revelation 13:11-18 mean to us now? 

Who are the beasts in your life? Once in a sermon, Augustine asked his people if any of them was antichrist, as in opposing Christ, in character or unfaithfulness. The 1 John definition of antichrist, the only place in Scripture this term appears, simply means anyone who opposes Christ. It isn’t about an ominous opposing personality rising up and tricking us; rather, it is about our willingness to be tricked.




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