Revelation Chapter 21 

Revelation 21:1-8  Introduction  

The New Heaven and Earth! Total renovation! A voice announces that all things will be renewed! God is making all things new and John now sees hope beyond wonder as a new heaven and a new earth are formed. God is removing evil from humanity, separating out the good. 

Revelation 21:1-8: What are the Contexts? 

Exegetical look into Revelation 21:1-3   Key word analysis 

Exegetical look into Revelation 21:4-8   Key word analysis 

The Two Prevailing Views of Revelation 21:1-8 

Chapters twenty-one and twenty-two deal with the literal versus the non-literal interpretation of Scripture. (see background articles and the Genre issues here:  

Thoughts and Applications for Revelation 21:1-8 

God will achieve His purpose; we will inherit His wonders and blessings! This flows into the great axiom, that Christ will “wipe away every tear.” This must resound in us not just for our personal hope and comfort but also to enable us to trust in Christ for all things and situations. Those in Christ are His and His for all time; there is no fear or dread when we are with our Lord King.

 Revelation 21:9-27  Introduction 

The Lord God Almighty is the Temple! 

God is Awesome! The angel who held the judgment bowls took John up in spirit on a tour of Heaven and showed him the wonder of wonders.

Revelation 21:9-27: What are the Contexts? 

Exegetical look into Revelation 21:9-14  Key word analysis 

Exegetical look into Revelation 21:15-27    Key word analysis 

The Two Prevailing Views of Revelation 21:9-27 

Thoughts and Applications for Revelation 21:9-27 

Reflect on the magnificent beauty of what is described. It is heaven or is it the Church? Literalists see it as heaven, and the non-literalists see it as the role of the Church; fights are waged over it. But, biblical imagery often has more than one point to convey and this is an example of that. It is both, in my humble opinion; it is heaven as best as mere human words can present it for us, and it is what God asks us to be, to show His splendor for His glory as we lead and manage His church.


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