Revelation 18:1-24  Judgment on Babylon  

This passage is written in the style of a first century Jewish funeral dirge (elegy), as Jeremiah mourned over the destruction of the cities of Israel and the captivity of her people by Babylon and Ezekiel’s oracle on the fall of Tyre in chapters 27 and 28. Yet, this was an “ironic dirge,” meaning a sarcastic prophecy meant to curse instead of praise, saying “you get what you deserve.” John, who is imprisoned on a small island for defying Rome, is showing his contempt for oppression and evil and his faith as a mighty man who is humble before God.  

Revelation 18:1-24: What are the Contexts? 

This passage also is about judgment and how people living in the ways of the world lament and panic while those who are faithful rejoice! This is because most people seek only self-gratification and pleasure without accepting cares or responsibilities, and thus are not concerned with God or His Way and Love—even those in the Church. They would rather die hopeless than be filled with love and be saved for eternity! 

Exegetical look into Revelation 18:1-10   Key word analysis 

Exegetical look into Revelation 18:11-24   Key word analysis 

The Four Main Views of Revelation 18:1-24 

What does Revelation 18:1-24 mean to us now? 

This passage is a clear warning to both those in the world (in sin), and those who claim Christ as Lord yet want to be in the world. The question is “What lures you away from faith and what replaces faith?” We have to be on guard against sin and its allure. The ways of the world are tantalizing and seductive and will cater to Christians, seeking to entice them away from God and/or compromise their faith—and be gleeful about it (Jer. 50:8; 51:6; 2 Cor. 6:14-18; 1 John 2:15-17)!


One thought on “Revelation-18

  1. Revelation 18 is about Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral morning, when all leaders of many nations come to pay their last respects. Millions of Christians from all over the world also come to attend, as well as military leaders of Christian armies, veterans of past wars and all the royal families of all kingdoms worldwide. An atom bomb will explode at sun rise and the biggest funeral pyre will be lit. It has been sent here by none other than Israel. This is the end of white power, Christian influence in the world affairs and the beginning of the extinction of the white race from the planet. All Christian/Gentile armies will be destroyed at Israel when they attempt to destroy Israel for destroying London, England.

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