Revelation Chapter 20 

Revelation 20:1-6  The Millennium!  

John now sees the angel coming from heaven with the keys to the bottomless pit attached to a heavy chain. Then, he takes control of the dragon, which is Satan, and imprisons him for a thousand years in the pit that he locks up. 

Exegetical look into Revelation 20:1-3   Key word analysis  

Exegetical look into Revelation 20:4-6   Key word analysis  

The Three Prevailing Millennium Views in Revelation 

What does Revelation 20:1-6 mean to us now? 

This passage plainly tells us that we have abundant peace and serenity when we are in Christ, because He is our All in All! Keep in mind the context, especially chapter 19. This also seems to make reference to faithfulness as the most supreme honor we can give our Lord. Christ insists on our active faith, commitment, and loyalty fueled in our passionate devotion to Him for which there is abundant reward!  

Revelation 20:7-15  The Defeat of Satan!  

After this period of a thousand years is finished, Satan is allowed to go on “furlough,” so he is out on “bail” (so to speak) for a short time. Then, he goes on the prowl to seek wickedness and to destroy. But, he is also being used to test people to see if they will bow to his deception and once again be disloyal to God and His goodness.  

Revelation 20:7-15: What are the Contexts? 

Exegetical look into Revelation 20:7-11  Key word analysis  

Exegetical look into Revelation 20:12-15   Key word analysis  

The Three Prevailing Millennium Views, Amillennial, Premillennial, and Postmillennial 

What does Revelation 20:7-15 mean to us now? 

This passage is, besides being about death, judgment, and hell, also about the evils of determined pride. Pride is sin; it is the terror and oppressor of good people, the cause of the Fall, the fall of those who then become evil, and the main fuel of Satan himself. Pride is evil! Pride is the chief universal struggle of humanity and what holds us back and condemns us more than anything else.  



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