Revelation chapter 1!

This Epistle opens with Christ testifying to the visions of God given to John the Apostle through an angel of what is going to happen to the Church. The purpose was not for information for John or encouragement for his captivity and isolation; rather, it was meant to be shared with the rest of the Christian community. Its purpose is to bless and encourage us so we can stand firm and grow further in our faith. What has been revealed will happen to us personally and in a future culmination. This book has meaning and application for all who read it as well as a glimpse of a hope to come.

“Greetings to the Seven Churches!”

Exegetical look into Revelation 1:1-3

What does Revelation and soon mean?

John is proclaiming an important fact we must all agree upon…

Our call is to be blessed so the character qualities we receive…

Revelation 1:9-20

Introduction “The Vision of Christ”

This passage also points us that it is God’s power that leads

The image that God is Light refers to the Church as the body of believers and whose duty it is to…

This is an attitude and posture of great respect and awe.

The Four Main Views of Revelation 1:9-20

What does this passage mean to me?

More to come….


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