More fads of End Times

Another fad we tend to chase is trends on how to lead and manage His Church. Most of these are like chasing the harlot while ignoring the beckoning of Christ and His Way. We seek to water down His Holy Word to attract people—just as the devil manipulates people to trick them to his ways. All the while, we are called to disciple, teach, and worship Christ as Lord…and do it His Way. People have lost all of their positions, left churches in disgust when it did not happen, and have left a blight in Christianity.

This is out-of-control eschatological thinking, and can be a real threat to the peace and stability of our nation and world.

Being a harlot in Revelation means we are engaged in and promoting apostasy! What about factions, gossip, and pride? These are the things that God hates the most and cause the greatest destruction to any given church—something even Satan himself could never do. Point? We are the real enemy of enmity, our sins building and conniving and converging upon one another as we chase our theories and ignore Christ and His supremacy, precepts, and call. When we fight amongst ourselves and chase trends that are contrary to Christ, His call, and His commands, we are the antichrist of John’s Epistles! Just look up the word antichrist in a concordance, and read the passages associated to it! By the way, it is not in Revelation (Rev. 2:18-29; 14:6-13; 17:1-18; 18:1-24; 19:1-10; 1 John 2:17-23; 4:3; 2 John 1: 6-8)!

God is calling you and me—those who lead and pastor churches, who influence people in the church, who sit on committees, teach, or like to flee from manipulating and gossiping or making up sensationalism behind the scenes—to wake up and SEEK HIM, not ourselves or ideas or plans or trends!


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