More on “Exegetical Eschatology”

Exegetical Eschatology is using the Bible and logical thinking, not the minds of men’s theorems in disregard to reason. In this way, we can engage this subject properly and see a purpose other than just to satisfy our dogmatic assertions and speculations. Let us not bother with unwarranted calculations, to which we have no idea or call to do. Rather, let us seek His precepts so we can grow further in our spiritual formation and make Him known to others!

Why do so many people get Eschatology (the study of end times) and the Book of Revelation wrong or have crazy ideas or contradictory theories?

Basically, it is because (to say this bluntly), they have not read it or at least have not read it well! It amazes me how some pastors and Bible teachers can go to a text and not “read it,” but can be really good at “reading into it.” That is, instead of reading what is there, in its context, what the words say in the original languages and culture, we read in our theological ideas, frameworks, and presumptions, and thus totality miss what God is actually saying to us!

This is called Eisegesis or Isogesis which simply means “to lead in” or “read into the Text of Scripture” as in to place into the text one’s own presuppositions, ideas, and thoughts while ignoring what is actually there in order to satisfy one’s personal agendas and opinions. In practice, this is using our personal interpretation of what we want the last days to be about, and the agenda or sequence or meanings we get from our own presupposition. Inserting or expressing our own ideas and bias without seeking what God has or wants us to have is totally wrong at best and evil at worst. We are called to find what it means rather than what we want it to mean. So, when you look at any text of Scripture, your task is to seek the actual, intended meaning of the passage.

(See Approaches to Studying Scripturefor more information)

We are all human and all we know and see comes through our fallen filter made from depravity. We must still do the best we can do. It is always best not to bow to anyone’s reasoning, but take a clear look for ourselves. It is most probable that some aspects of each of these views will be in the tapestry of how the events have and will unfold before us. And, when they actually do, as Scripture indicates, all will be made clear to us (Matt. 24). But, whatever view we take or even if we have no view (and no view is as important as the honor and reality that He is coming; personally I do not subscribe to any of these four main views) will be dramatically expressed in due time, His timing, not ours (Thess. 2:1-12; Rev. 1:3; 22:20). Thus, it is my endeavor to go into Exegetical Eschatology and the Book of Revelation and bring you what it says, not what others or I think it says.


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