Will There Be a Rapture?

Yes and no! Yes, Christ is coming back and we will meet Him and it will be spectacular and no words or speculations could ever describe it effectively, especially not in the way most books and TV preachers have sensationalized it. There has been a lot of debate over what the rapture is all about. Most Christians today think it is fact and only seek to argue its particulars or just go by feelings. However in fact, it is not a biblical idea or even a word in the Bible. In fact, even the concept is not in the Bible although it seems so from a simple English reading of the 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17 passage.

Do you believe in the rapture? “What’s that,” he said? …that we are all going to rise up in the air and be taken to heaven? “Really? Where is that in the Bible,” my professor responded. A seminary professor told me this years ago and I thought he was nuts! At the same time, I was the deer in front of the headlights. So, I did my research and tried for months to prove him wrong—to no avail. After all, most of my mentors on this subject, like Ray Steadman and Walter Martin, were confident and assured that a seven year tribulation and a Rapture would occur; the only debate, as they and I saw it, was what the order and timing was. My other main mentor, Francis Schaeffer, did not consider this a worthy subject; he was an Amillenialist and Reformed and left it there for more effectual pursuits. Perhaps I should have done the same, but I could not leave this alone. It has to be true; if not, why are so many good people teaching this?

So I engaged this subject enthusiastically and aggressively. I wanted to see for myself. I read all the passages and the books on the Rapture I could. I could not find where in the Bible we could get a Rapture.

Yes, I know the passages that Hal Lindsey and others like Scofield used, the ones taught by so many preachers as dogmatic and even essential. The passages used to support a Rapture and a seven year tribulation said nothing to support this. “Why,” I asked, “were they teaching this? How can they rationalize it?” I came to the conclusion, after a lot of homework, that they just did not do their homework well. I found that the only way to come up with a Rapture was to read it into the Bible, because it just is not there. Yes, I was disturbed and confused.

So I spent months in the Fuller Library pouring over all the books—original Greek, scholarly references, and all that anyone had ever said of it. I hunted what is clearly said in God’s Word, using the Inductive techniques I taught in seminars at that time. I wanted to find not what was popular in my theological tradition, but what was biblical and effectual for our faith. Yes, this was tough; a lot of sleepless nights and struggle were spent to look at what I thought I already knew so well. And, this did not stop as a paper; I then spent another ten years carefully researching all the popular end-times scenarios.


3 thoughts on “Will There Be a Rapture?

    • Thanks, that chart is a dyslectic nightmare-lol….

      I can’t make heads or tails of it, if this is yours or you know whose it is, you can have the best system, but if it is unreadable, it is of little use. I suggest a clean up and make it neat and readable…

      As far as the article goes, it was too hard to follow, poorly written and full of logic and grammar errors… this guy is a proff? That work does not make sense… Even if it was truth, it is unreadable…

      What is good is, yes, Ezekiel is key in understanding Revelation; a type and shadow because of the word usages, genre and meanings of metaphors. Ezekiel deals with the exile and the return of the Temple and Jewish law and civilization by Ezra and Nehemiah…it was to give hope to the captives and set a time for the return…

      However, Daniel is also a type and shadow to the last days; but, Daniel was written as a prophecy for the “inter testament” period and fits like a glove to history past and fulfilled from 400 BC to the Birth of Christ and the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD… most people assume Daniel is about The Last Days-no, it is about the last days of Jerusalem, the Temple and the Law …

      Be blessed, and allow me to encourage the reading of God’s Word, not the reading in of ours or others ideas into Gods’ Word…

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