Will the rapture happen tomorrow, May 21st? NO!

First off, the rapture is not even in the Bible and people who think there is and have a date are only serving themselves or Satan and not the God of Scripture. In other words, Harold Camping is nuts at best or a servant at the devil at worst, either way do not listen to false teachers! Think I am wrong, just read the book of Jude. By the way, Camping has always been wrong with all of his predictions since I first heard him in the late 70’s he has never been right, what does the Bible say of this? …anyone got rocks-lol?

From Dan Wooding, 70, is an award winning British journalist…

Harold Camping Has Been Searching For The End Of The World For Some Time Now
A former associate shares about the time he worked for the self-appointed prophet

By Dan Wooding
Founder of ASSIST Ministries

EAGLE POINT, OR(ANS) As Harold Camping and his followers await the end of the world tomorrow (Saturday, May 21, 20110,) a former associate of the self-appointed prophet has revealed that this has been a long-running theme in Camping’s ministry.


Dr. Jim Krames, who was Camping’s assistant from 1978-80 said, “I knew him well and my technology mushroomed Family Radio’s s audience.” (Krames invented the Satellator, low-power FM broadcasting system).  

Krames said that it was while he was having lunch one day with Camping that he first announced “his propensity to date the Rapture.”  He said, “I spent several hours explaining why such an excursion was a very bad idea. He remained dissuaded for about ten years. In the meantime, I moved on to build two other networks.

“After the last fiasco when he predicted the end of the world for 1994, he ventured even more deeply into his inquiry into dates. He relies on King James Version (the only authentic translation in his opinion) for chronology, and he has the benefit of the fact that Hebrew letters also serve as numbers.  

“His background is engineering, so he tackles chronology problems as if unraveling a Suduko puzzle.”  Dr. Krames said the one day when he was having lunch with Dr. Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, as his Arrowhead Springs headquarters, Bright asked him to describe Harold Camping. Krames said, “He is a man in whom there is no guile.”  

When asked to explain what he meant, Krames said, “My point is that although he hammers groups like Campus Crusade for Christ for what he perceives to be ‘easy believism’, his attacks have nothing to do with personalities, or anything. He sincerely believes what he says. He knows no other way to play it. Personally, I found him to be a selfless, caring man.

“Over the years, he has increasingly encroached into Family Radio’s broadcast schedule on a 24 hour regimen; he airs his bible study 4x, the reading of scripture, and his hour long call in talk show, family forum. Yet, today, Family Radio is probably the largest religious broadcasting network, with internet, on-air AM, FM, and Shortwave stations throughout the world.  

“His background is Dutch reformed and is traditionally, these people are ‘A-mill ‘(no millennium), just bang, Jesus returns, and court of last judgment begins. Early on, he withdrew from the congregation he had been active in.  

“His eschatological views on the start of what he views as the current tribulation began about a decade ago. At that time, he believes, the Holy Spirit exited all churches (including evangelical, Bible believing congregations). Therefore, he began to urge listeners that it was imperative that all true believers exit their church. In fact, he counts staying within a church, even solid, bible believing churches to be proof that you were not truly saved. This is why each Sunday’s broadcast schedule plays hymns, for which listeners can send in for a free hymn sheet (words).”  

Bill Freeman, from Orlando, Florida, shared this recollection about Harold Camping. He said, “In a phone interview I did within a day or two of Camping’s 1994 prediction while working at a DC-based radio network, my final question, ‘what if it doesn’t come about?’ elicited an answer that still leaves me aghast, ‘well, others have made predictions over the years…and they’re still around. Whew!”  

Dan Wooding, 70, is an award winning British journalist..


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