Blood Moon, what is this all about?

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“The sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light…”  Matthew 24:29

The sun shall be turned to darkness and the moon to blood, before the day of the Lord comes, the great and magnificent day.” Acts 2:20

The premise is four blood moons will happen in a sequence that will be the trumpet blast that echo in the return of Christ or a rapture or a tribulation, to whomever false teacher you listen to.  It seems plausible, an astronomical event that never has occurred that is foreboding and obvious to point us the Return of the King. Or is it?

The premise is four blood moons will happen in a sequence that will be the trumpet blast that echo in the return of Christ or a rapture or a tribulation, to whomever false teacher you listen to.  It seems plausible, an astronomical event that never has occurred that is foreboding and obvious to point us the Return of the King. Or is it?

There are many problems with this premise. And it will only appeal to a person who gets caught up in meaningless speculations, or a person who does not really read the Word, or a person gets captivated by personalities and not the Person of Christ, or a person who is, well I will say it, just weak in the faith at best, heretical at worst. And who would write such a book, someone who fits the previous qualifications, except they are the captivating personality who read into the Bible their views and do no real research to what the words mean and what these events are and what they really mean. 

What if Jesus will or had returned, April 15, 2014 as many false teachers have presented, or now, September, 23 or 27, 2015? Oh, those first two did not happen by the way. What were you doing? Does your life and attitude show that you were prepared by faith and not by theory?

By the way biblical eschatology is about give us hope and motivation to get our life right with Christ as Lord. It is not about meaningless speculations!

Yet, many Christians today take their word from false teachers who are tantalizing and provocative. They feel they have special knowledge from God and thus do not read or study the Bible. Instead, they listen to fools who point to themselves, pseudo Bible teaching and not to our LORD or the true Truth of His Word. This creates the havoc of emotional driven immature Christians with false knowledge that leads to a weak do nothing faith and division in His Church.

Here is the latest buzz, the Blood Mood!

I am sure you have heard of it, perhaps you got caught up in it, pun intended. What is this all about?

The blood moon is the earth’s moon in the night sky that will turn red, or as an astronomer would say, “in a deep red hue,” resembling the color of blood, hence the name. These events remind us of several Bible passages from Joel, Matthew, Acts and Revelation that Christ is coming back. While, others have stated that it is the significant sign of the apocalypse and or rapture or the end of days.

To make this more foreboding, there will be four of these on or close to the main Jewish feast days of Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles in the next 2 years. So, a lot of Christians have been so tied up over this. The first of these blood moons arrived on April 15, 2014 near Passover (the foreboding part is this is tax day for Americans) then there will be three more in the next two years. As, we will have one in October, 8, 2014 and then two more April 4, and Sept. 27, 2015, which is also a super moon. Astronomers say this is not rare, as even though was 4 in the next 18 months, normally they average 3 every 2 years, or the super moon eclipse, 33 years. Yet, all astronomical events are rare, because we have a lot going on in our big universe.

Is Jesus coming back during these blood moons? Probably not. Yes, Jesus can come back during these events, but according to His Word, nothing needs to happen that did not already. Thus, He can come back at any moment, now, or thousands of years from now.

Let’s see what Jesus actually said about it!

Matthew 24:29-31: “The sun will be darkened.” This is a reference to a significant astronomical event, perhaps more than just an eclipse. And this is in the form of O.T. Judgment language (Psalm 18:6-19; Isa. 13:10; 24:23; 34:4; Jer. 4:20-28; Ezek. 32:7-8; Joel 3:14; Zech. 14:6).

The question is not if or when, as many of us obsess over; rather, He will come and we had better be prepared with our attitude and mindsets! 

Darkness” was the most frightening prediction (Ex. 9:21-23)! 

The sign of the Son of man” refers to God bringing about the opportunity for people to repent for having caused Him grief. Then, the Kingdom of Heaven will flourish (Dan. 7:13-14; Zech. 12:10; Rev. 1:7).

Sign” refers to the first real evidence of Christ’s second coming.

Son of man” means He is Lord and King (Matthew 10: 16-26)!

Clouds” mean judgment. This refers to a spectacular event, the numbers of angels testifying to God’s glory. It could also mean an extraordinary storm of clouds. Such as numbers of angels testifying to God’s glory (Ezek. 30:3; Dan. 7:13; Zech. 12:10; Matt. 16:28; 24:30, 34; 26:64). 

“Trumpets” were used to announce the coming of or the succession of a king. They were used to summon people together and for a war cry to motivate troops and scare the enemy (Judg. 7:8-25; Isa. 11:12; 27. 13; Jer. 4:5, 19-21; Zeph. 1:16). Here, it is a popular prayer Jesus uses to refer to a future gathering of believers in Christ (Zech. 9:14-16; 1 Cor. 15:52; 1 Thess. 4:13-18).

“Taken” refers to being taken to Judgment (Jer. 6:10-12)! Most people think this is the rapture, but, it is never explicitly taught or illustrated, although this text is popular for, such as view, it really means judgment; and, you do not want that.

Some have thought that this passage can also refer to the coming defeat of Satan and His dominion or an apocalypse, but there is no textual support; rather, it is about His second coming in His timing (Matt. 13:40-43; 16:27; 25:31; 1 Cor. 15:52; 1 Thess. 4:14-17).

In addition, Revelation 6: 12-17 tells us, “Moon turned blood red,” this may refer to an unusual lunar eclipse or even something more spectacular. These events being described are not necessarily literal, astronomic events as many today think. 

“Stars in the sky fell to earth” means the cosmic scope of God’s judgment, as all will be affected (Isa. 34:4). This was also a sign for the coming of Christ (Mark 13:25-26). It may also refer to angels coming down or some stunning event that all will see in the sky (Isa. 24:21; Dan. 8:10; 10:13; Rev. 12:4).

Here is what we should wrap our brain and faith in, what Jesus was actually saying:

Matthew 24: 36-50: “No one knows…angels, or the Son…” Why did Jesus not know, when He is the Omnipresent God? God keeps most of His plans secret for good reason (Deut. 29:29; Zech. 14:6-9).

We would become preoccupied with them and miss our purpose for being here on earth. Just look at some Catholics and how they are overzealous with artifacts; in fact, there are enough so-called pieces of the cross of Christ in European Cathedrals to build a large church! There is also the obsession for the Holy Grail (the cup of Christ in His last supper). They look to “stuff” and not to substance! Let us not do that with our refusal to look to His Word and instead look to personalities.


6 thoughts on “Blood Moon, what is this all about?

  1. I live about 50 miles from Jerusalem – we “share” the same moon. What struck me was the fact that during the first so-called blood moon is that Jerusalem didn’t have a blood moon. American had a blood moon, but not Jerusalem. This whole blood moon thing is a case of what i like to call “ethnocentric eisegesis” i.e. reading what happens in our world (USA) with the belief that Revelation is “all about us”

  2. Here is one of your greatest lies. Liars are not allowed into the Messianic Kingdom so work out your salvation with fear and trembling.

    Thus, He can come back at any moment, now, or thousands of years from now.

    2017 2018 Psalm 117 118
    Leviticus 23 Feast Dates and Second Coming (
    Nibiru and Isaiah 24 (
    Both blogs have dates from Creation to 3017. Both deal with signs in the Sun, Moon, and Stars. Both partially deal with Leviticus 23. John Ashcraft, Albuquerque, NM on facebook.

    What do these years have in common? Abraham’s birth (1947 BCE) +2017 years = 70 CE Destruction of the Temple; Matt 24:1-2) + 1947 years = 2017. 6th day war 1967+50 years = 2017. Battle of Jerusalem 1917+100 years = 2017. Israel became a nation in 1948 1 to 2 days prior to Pentecost (Matt 24:32; Psalm 90:10) but the proclamation went out in 1947+70 years = 2017. Judah ben Samuel Prophecy 1517-1917, 1917-1967, 1967-2017 The Messiah comes and Armageddon. Woman clothed with the Sun in 2017 (Day of Trumpet with Virgo and Leo). Giza Pyramid Lineup of 2017 (Day of Trumpet). August 21 (4th day event) Solar Eclipse over North America ( in 2017. 2017 minus generations 38, 40, 50, 70, 80, 100, and 120 line up to significant events with Israel. Miracle of the Sun (Oct. 13th, 1917) +100 years = 2017. (It was on the 7th Day of Feast of Tabernacles).

    4 views of September 23, 2017
    End of Humanity and Armageddon on the Day of Atonement (Rev 14:20ff; Rev 15 Day of Atonement Typology; Rev 16/19 Armageddon)
    Beginning of the Day of the Lord which is a one year event according to Isaiah and covers both the Trumpet and Bowl Judgments and ends on the Day of Atonement with Armageddon.
    Mid point of the 7 year tribulation.
    Beginning of the 7 year Tribulation
    The problem I have with numbers 3 and 4 is that if the beginning heavenly sign begins in the 7th month such as 5 planets lining up in a row on the 7th Day of Feast of Tabernacles in 2010, then the end sign 7 years later should be on the Day of Trumpet according to Revelation 12:1 and 11 –7th Trumpet and the only one between 2017 and 2100 + is the one on Sept. 23rd, 2017.

    Day of Trumpet –rapture (Lev 23:24-25; Zeph 1:14-16—Day of the Lord is a Day of Trumpet and Alarm; Matthew 24:31 (Day of Trumpet; I Cor 15:52 (Day of Trumpet); I Thess 4:16-18 (Day of Trumpet); Rev 6:12-17 (Day of Trumpet/Day of Atonement); Rev 11:15 ff-Day of Trumpet Typology; Rev 12:1 (Virgo/Leo, Sept 20-23, 2017.
    Sept 20/21 Rapture
    Sept 23 Restrainer taken away and Antichrist (Obama) comes on full force including the Mark of the Beast
    Day of Atonement (Lev 23:25-36; Joel 2:15; Rev 6:12-17; Rev. 8:5 (global earthquake—axial poleshift); Rev 14:20ff; Rev 15—Day of Atonement Typology; Rev 16/19 Marriage of Groom to Bride and Armageddon (Joel 3—Valley of Decision/Jehoshaphat).
    Sukkot 1/Feast of Tabernacles 1 Trumpet Judgment 1 Meteorite storm blankets 1/3rd of the earth (all of North and South America is 1/3rd of the earth. Feast of Tabernacles is also known as the Millennium/Messianic Kingdom/7th Day.
    After that each Trumpet Judgment and then the Bowl Judgment should be poured on either on Rosh Chodesh (first sliver of the New Moon) or on the Full Moon.
    Christians teach this Day of the Lord will occur over a seven year period. What is shorter? Is 360/365 days shorter or 1260 days or 2550 days? If the Exodus 10 plagues can be poured out over a 5 month period why should it take 12 Judgments to be poured out over a 7 year period?
    The Day of the Lord
    Prophecies about the coming Day of the Lord can be found in the writings of many of the Old Testament prophets, and Isaiah is no exception. This subject is covered from chapters 2 to 66. Unlike the dualism of the prophecies to Israel and Judah, most prophecies about the Day of the Lord are for an event yet to come. These foretell a time of awesome and frightening events leading to the return of Christ. Many people think of it as “the end of the world,” although it is really just the end of this present evil age.
    Isaiah explains that the Day of the Lord will last for one year (Isaiah 34:8; Isaiah 61:2; Isaiah 63:4). The principle of a day for a year in prophecy also applies to the Day of the Lord (Numbers 14:34; Ezekiel 4:6). It is the year of the “Lord’s vengeance” or God’s wrath (Revelation 6:17). Other verses: Deut 24:4; John 6:40, 44,54 –Last Day = Last year.
    In the earlier chapters on this subject (2, 13 and 24), Isaiah describes the effects of God’s wrath on this world. Men will hide in caves in terror (Isaiah 2:19-21), the earth will be shaken and possibly moved from its orbit (Isaiah 13:13), and the earth will become almost empty and a total waste (Isaiah 24:1, 3, 6). Isaiah also speaks of the Day of the Lord as a time of war (Isaiah 31:8-9). These events are also described in the seven trumpets of Revelation 8-9.
    God further reveals through Isaiah that the “daughter of Babylon” will be destroyed in the Day of the Lord (Isaiah 47:1, 5, 7, 9). These verses are almost identical to those of Revelation 18:7-8, 17-19, 21. This Babylon is the final end-time government and its religious system that will be destroyed at Messiah’s return.
    The time of God’s wrath will come to an end when “the great trumpet will be blown” (Isaiah 27:13) and Jesus Christ will return to the earth (Revelation 11:15—7th trumpet; Rev 12:1 Day of Trumpet with Leo and Virgo).
    While the Day of the Lord often focuses on the wrath of God (the punishment that will come upon the disobedient for one year before Christ returns), this term is also used in a broader way by John in Revelation 1:10 to describe all the events—including the wrath of God, the Millennium and events thereafter—that will occur after Christ’s return. Virtually every Old Testament prophet who warned of God’s judgment on the Day of the Lord also spoke of restored peace and prosperity that will follow the judgment.
    So according to Isaiah the Day of the Lord lasts one year or 360 Biblical days.
    This time of God’s special intervention known primarily as The Day of the Lord has been referred to by other terms in scripture, such as the Time of Jacob’s Trouble (Jer. 30:7); His Strange Work/Act (Isa. 28:21); the Day of Israel’s Calamity (Deut. 32:35); the Indignation (Isa. 26:20; Dan. 11:36); the Overflowing Scourge (Isa. 28:15, 18); the Day of Vengeance (Isa. 34:8; 35:4; 61:2); the Day of Wrath/Distress/Wasteness/Desolation (Zeph. 1:15); the Day of Darkness/Thick Darkness/Gloominess (Zeph. 1:15, Joel 2:2); the Day of Trumpet and Alarm (Zeph. 1:16); the hour of trial (Rev. 3:10); the Wrath to Come (1 Thess. 1:10); the Wrath (1 Thess. 5:9), and the Hour of His Judgment (Rev. 14:7) and Lord’s Day in Revelation.
    In some instances, the Day of the Lord, due to its unique nature and importance, has been referred to as simply “that day” (Isa. 2:11, 17; 2:20; 4:2; Joel 3:18; Mark 13:32; Luke 21:34; 2 Tim. 1:12, 18; 4:8), and Day of the Lord in the major prophets.
    Other verses: I Thess 5:1-3 5:1 Seasons=Gen 1:14 Seasons = Lev. 23/25.
    Rev 2:10 Ten Days of Tribulation =10 years of tribulation from Day of Trumpet to Day of Trumpet, then to Day of Trumpet to Day of Atonement. These are called the Days of Awe.
    Planet X/El Shaddai (destroy)/The Destroyer/ Nibiru
    This red dwarf or brown drawf star giant with 7 planets will bring in the Trumpet and Bowl Judgments of Revelation. The timeframe is Sept 23rd 2017 to Sept 30th, 2018.
    These Judgments are:
    Trumpet 1: Horrific hail and fire, 1/3 of plants burned up. (Rev 8:7) Day of the Trumpet (Lev 23:24ff), Meteorites. Rev 6:13; Affects Day 3 of Genesis 1. 10 Plagues: Exod 9:23-25.
    Trumpet 2: Meteorite/Volcano explodes in the ocean, 1/3 ships and sea life destroyed. (Rev 8:8,9) Affects Day 5 of Genesis 1. Exod 8:20-21.
    Trumpet 3: Comet explodes on the earth, 1/3 of fresh water poisoned, many men die. (Rev 8:10,11) Wormwood. Bolides or aerolites. Affects Day 6 of Genesis 1. (Isa_14:12; Jer_9:15; Exo_15:23).
    Trumpet 4: 1/3 of sunlight removed. (Rev 8:12) Affects Day 4 of Genesis 1. (Exo_10:21-23)
    Trumpet 5: First woe—Demon locusts, men tortured. (Rev 8:13-9:12, Ezekiel, Isaiah) C.E.R.N. Project. Isa 13:2-3 Emblem has a triple 6 and a dual 6. (Exo_10:12-15; Joe_2:3; Joe_2:4-10) (Rev_22:16; Rev_1:18)
    Trumpet 6: Second woe—Demon army, 1/3 of men die. (Rev 9:13-21) CERN Project 2015 September/October (Gen_15:18; 1Ki_4:21; Isa_8:5-8; Hab_1:5-10)
    Ministry of 2 witnesses ended. (Rev 11:1-13).
    Trumpet 7: Third woe—7 Vial Judgments. (Rev 11:14-19)
    Vial 1: Boils on men. (Rev 16:1,2)
    Vial 2: Sea turned to blood. (Rev 16:3) Pacific Ocean?? Fukushimi accident??
    Vial 3: Freshwater turned to blood. (Rev 16:4-7) Began in 2012 and continues to present with different rivers turning to blood.
    Vial 4: Great heat. (Rev 16:8,9) 500 to 1000 degrees or enough to melt the elements. 16 hour days. israel.html;
    Vial 5: Darkness. (Rev 16:10,11) 3 days of darkness July 21-23 (Sabbath to Rosh Chodesh) Friday to Sunday or Saturday to Monday).
    Vial 6: Euphrates dries up. (Rev 16:12-16)

  3. “Darkness” was the most frightening prediction (Ex. 9:21-23)!

    Nibiru/Planet X/ El Shaddai/ the Destroyer caused the 3 days of Darkness. Did you know that the 10 plagues occurred over a 5 month period? So why do you preach that the Tribulation of the Trumpet and Bowl Judgments will occur over a 7 year (2550 days) period.
    Which is shorter? 365 days, 1260 days, 2550 days? If you say 2550 days is shorter than 365 days or 360 days than you are the greatest FALSE TEACHER there is.

    Nibiru caused the 3 hours of darkness at the Death of Yeshua.

    Vial 5: Darkness. (Rev 16:10,11) 3 days of darkness July 21-23 (Sabbath to Rosh Chodesh) Friday to Sunday or Saturday to Monday).
    It is really interesting that history repeats itself. Could it be that the 3 days of darkness during the Exodus will be repeated again in the same month as the Bowl Judgment Darkness occurred in? Hmmm.

  4. Biblical Guy said: “Taken” refers to being taken to Judgment (Jer. 6:10-12)! Most people think this is the rapture, but, it is never explicitly taught or illustrated, although this text is popular for, such as view, it really means judgment; and, you do not want that.

    If taken refers to Judgment, then….
    Deu 24:5 When a man hath taken (Judgment?) a new wife, he shall not go out to war, neither shall he be charged with any business: but he shall be free at home one year, and shall cheer up his wife which he hath taken (Killed Her?).
    Taken here refers to the rapture, gathered, resurrection, marriage. If Day of Atonement is the Armageddon War, then the groom comes for the Bride on the Day of Trumpet one year earlier for the gathering/taken/rapture/resurrection.

    You might want to take the coverings off of your narrow blinded eyes and get a deeper understanding of the word taken. A Hebrew word can have up to 70 deep layered meanings Christian.

  5. Matthew 24 is a timeline of years, seals, Leviticus 23 Feasts of the Lord such as Passover (v. 15); Day of Atonement (Matt 24:28; Judgment of the Nations; Armageddon; Axial Poleshift; Global Earthquake (Rev 8:5)) for it is one Day and One Hour Long; Day of Trumpet (rapture); Pentecost (Matt 24:32; 1948 and Israel becoming a Nation; Psalm 90:10 (+70 years)=2018 (Psalm 118); the Day the Ten Commandments were given; The Day the Church began; and about 10 other events including the Destruction of the Tower of Babel).
    Matt 24:35 Heaven and Earth shall pass away….v. 36 but of that Day and Hour no man knoweth, not even the angels in Heaven. But Christians do not understand the word “but” refers to a noun phrase.

    So God setting Dates is more important than Christians teaching that we should not Date Set by using the same verse.

    Here are just a few reasons for date setting.
    1) Aleph-Tav in Genesis 1:1 and Lamid Aleph-Tav in Genesis 1:1 ((4000 year and 6000 year)
    2) 4th day events ==Genesis 1:14
    3) Sabbaths (Gen 1:14; Leviticus 23)
    4) Years (Genesis 1:14; Leviticus 25–Shemitah and Jubilee years especially Lev 25:20-23)
    5) Isaiah 61:1-2 = Leviticus 25
    6) Zeph 1:14-16 Day of the Lord is a Day of Trumpet and Alarm
    7) Psalms 17=1917; Psalms 47=1947; Psalms 48=1948; Psalms 67=1967; Psalms 114-118=2014-2018.
    8) Deut 24:5–1 year and Last year
    9) John 6:40, 44, 54 1 year and last year
    10) Daniel’s timeline 1260 days, 1290 days, 1335 days
    11) The Day the Flood began (2nd month and 17th day–November)
    12) Revelation 2:10 10 days of Tribulation =Ten years of tribulation
    13) Haggai 2 (9th Month and 24th Day) Chanukkah Eve (December 24th, 2016–
    14) Psalm 90:4; II Peter 3:8 –A Day = 1000 years as 1000 years = a day.
    15) Genesis 6:3 And man shall live 120 years/Jubilees (2017; Psalm 117). Every 20 Jubilees = 1000 years. 120 Jubilees = 6000 years. Adam to Exodus 50 Jubilees; Exodus to 2017 = 70 Jubilees. 50+70=120 Jubilees.
    16) According to Isaiah, the Day of the Lord is a one year event and covers both the Trumpet and Bowl Judgments of Revelation– 3 places where a day = a year (Isaiah 34:8; Isaiah 61:2; Isaiah 63:4). It is the year of the “Lord’s vengeance” or God’s wrath (Revelation 6:17).
    17) Numbers 14:34 where a day = a year
    18) Ezekiel 4:6 where a day = a year.
    19) Matthew 24:35 Heaven and earth shall pass away, … but of that Day and Hour no man knoweth not even the angels in Heaven. Day and hour refers to Leviticus 23 (Passover, Pentecost, Day of Trumpet, Day of Atonement)
    20) I Thess 5:1 Seasons= Leviticus 25/23= Gen 1:14
    21) 38 years (Deut 2:14)
    22) 40 years/Jubilles (Psalm 95:10)
    23) 50 years/Jubilles Matthew 1:17 may indicate around 50 years
    24) 70 years (Psalms 90:10)/Jubilles
    25) 80 years (Psalms 90:10)
    26) 100 years (Genesis 15:13, coupled with Gen. 15:16)
    27) 3 days of darkness–History repeats itself.
    28) 7th Trumpet Judgment (Rev 11:15)
    29) Reve 12:1 Day of Trumpet in the Jubilee year
    30) New Moon (first sliver of the new moon)
    31) 11th month 24th day (Zech 1)
    32) Elul 1 is 40 days from Day of Atonement and Elul 1 is also 40 days till Ninevah is destroyed.
    33) latter day, last day (Jn 6:40, 44, 54), that day, Wrath of God, Fire of God (Day of the Lord). According to Isaiah, the Day of the Lord is a one year event and covers the Trumpet Judgments for the first 5 months and then the Bowl Judgments for the last 7 months and is tied to Psalm 118=2018 as the year. Also tied to this verse is Deut 24:5. The Day of the Lord begins on the Day of Trumpet with the rapture/gathering/resurrection and ends on the Day of Atonement with Armageddon. This is known as the Days of Awe.
    Other Verses pointing to the date. Psalm 83;Ezekiel 38- 39; Luke 17:33-37; Rev 19:17; Rev 20: 4, 7,8-15; Rev 21:1. Shalom

    Now about the Sabbaths and how they are tied to Yeshua/Jesus. Matthew, Mark, Luke says the Son of Man is L-rd even of the Sabbath. That means to me that everything occurring with Yeshua will occur on a Sabbath, 4th day, Rosh Chodesh (first sliver of the new moon), full moon, or the 7th day of Feast of Tabernacles.
    Yeshua was conceived in 4 BC at Chanukkah (Festival of Lights and Feast of Dedication) on a Sabbath either on Dec. 15th or the 22nd. Born in the Fall on either Yom Teruah (Day of Trumpet) or on the first Annual Sabbath of Feast of Tabernacles in 3 BCE. Messianics teach Feast of Tabernacles. He was circumcised on the 8th day (A new beginning) on the Second Annual Sabbath. According to Stellarium (free Astronomy program) and, He was born on Yom Kippur in 3 BC (Stellarium -4). He began His ministry in 27 CE and baptized either in January (Michael Rood Chronological Gospels) or Day of Atonement (Biblical Astronomy article). Entered Jerusalem on a donkey in 29 CE (Shemitah year) on Abib 10 (Saturday), Month 1. Died on Passover (not a Sabbath) on Wednesday (4th day and 4th candle called the Christ candle or servant candle of the Menorah (7 candles)) (each candle represents a day and 1000 years). Buried on Thursday (Wednesday night by the time the first three stars came out which starts a new day). Possibly the men came out of the tomb when the stars had appeared and closed the tomb after the stars came out. This Day was the Feast of Unleavened Bread Annual Sabbath. Rose 72 hours later at the beginning of the Feast of First Fruits.
    Day of Trumpet for the rapture. Day of Atonement for Armageddon (Rev 14:20 ff, Rev 15–Day of Atonement Typology; Rev 16/19 Armageddon/Ezekiel 38-39 War)
    Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) is the Messianic Kingdom at the Second Coming in 2017. There are over 700 pages there out of 6000 pages on Leviticus 23 which ties to 30 percent of the Bible.

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