Christ will Certainty Return PII

Like a thief in the night

Like a thief in the night, 2 Peter 3:10-13

“Since everything will be destroyed in this way, what kind of people ought you to be? You ought to live holy and godly lives.” 2 Peter 3: 11

Why do you suppose that Jesus did not give us the details of His second coming? What would have happened if He had?

Like a thief in the night, a quote from Jesus Himself, is a vivid image of anticipated End Times, and literally means to “break in,” as to dig into the clay and brick sides to get inside the home. Here, it is a metaphor, and does not refer to a literal thief who would rob us, but that Christ’s coming will not be predicted or expected. It will be a surprise and a shock. This could only happen if the people were not there, as in not ready (Ex. 22:2-3; Matt. 24:43; Luke 12:39-40).

Do not be ignorant of His promise! 

We talked a bit on this one, “Day of the Lord.” It means the Lord’s final Day of Judgment where He settles all accounts and injustices. It is a synonym for the Second Coming and refers to the anticipated eschatological climax of events. Victory over darkness and sin will be achieved after God intervenes in the world with judgment and destruction of His enemies, and rewards and blessings to those who are in Him. Although this Day started with the resurrection of Christ and His victory over sin and the coming of the Spirit, it comes to its consummation and fullness after Christ’s Second Coming and Judgment (Isa. 2:11-20; 13:9-13; Joel 1:15; 3:14-21; Amos 5:18-20; 1 Thess. 2:1-3; 5:2).

The Heavens…disappear… with a roar…elements, refers to God’s judgment, that He will remove all evil and iniquity, and all of humanity’s works will be held in account.

This is an Old Testament image of purification and renewal. This refers to the building blocks of the universe. It is interesting that the Greeks theorized about molecules centuries before science discovered them. The basic elements in ancient times, usually refer to earth, air, fire, and/or water. This term also refers to all that is in the universe, such as celestial beings, planets, and stars. Here, it is most likely referring to the heavenly bodies. Peter’s point is that everything will be destroyed (some believe transformed or rebooted (Isa. 34:4; 64:1-4; Matt. 24:29-31).

Everything will be…. Laid bare/ burned up/exposed, this means to be found out or found, and points us to the judgment that is coming.

The earth will undergo a climatic destruction or reformation. This could also mean that the earth will be destroyed and made new. Also, it could mean being aware of our own motives, why we do what we do (1 Cor. 3:13-15).

Is it to please our curiosity or manipulate others to see our way of thinking, regardless of revealed biblical truth?

The main point of this passage is to tell us not to be discouraged, but to remain faithful and vigilant. We are to live our lives preparing and planning as if Christ would be coming tomorrow or if He were coming a thousand years from now. We are not to be preoccupied with the details and trivialities. That is why Jesus did not give them to us. Rather, our faith development and steadfastness are far more impacting and more real on others around us (Matt. 24)!

The earth and all we know and see will either be destroyed or re-formed into a new earth and a new life. How does this make you feel? How does this give you hope?


By K. A. Murch

A – Apostasy in the Church – 2 Timothy 3:5
B – Blood and fire and pillars of smoke – Joel 2:30
C – Counterfeit Christ’s – Mark 13:22
D – Distress of nations – Luke 21:25
E – Earthquakes multiplying – Matthew 24:7
F – Famines – Matthew 24:7
G – Greatest tribulation – Mark 13:l9
H – Hearts of Men failing for fear – Luke 21:26
I – Increase of travel and speed – Daniel 12:4
J – Judgment of pestilence – Matthew 24:7
K – Knowledge increases – 2 Timothy 3:7
L – Lawlessness spreads – 2 Timothy 3:3
M – Mockers, scoffers arise – 2 Peter 3:4
N – Noah’s day revived – Matthew 24:37
O – Outpouring of the Holy Ghost – Joel 2:23
P – Portrayal of God’s power – Haggai 2: 6, 7
Q – Quest for pleasure – 2 Timothy 3:4
R – Riches accumulate – James 5: 1, 2, 3
S – Spiritism doctrine grows – I Timothy 4:1
T – Turning away from the truth – 2 Timothy 4: 3, 4
U – Unprecedented wars and rumors of wars – Luke 21:9, 10
V- Vast northern power to arise – Ezekiel 38
W – Worldwide evangelism – Mark 13:10
X – Exceptional astromical signs – Luke 21:25
Y – Young people will be disobedient to parents – 2 Timothy 3:2
Z – Zionism – restoration of the Jews to Palestine – Luke 21:29-31

Someone sent this in to us and I have seen it before, it is great, I think it helps us stay centered on Scripture and not mindless and faithless trends…what do you think?