What Does Revelation have to do with Church Now?

Why are some Christians so greatly interested in chasing fads and so little interested in effectual truth?

Revelation, as most evangelicals understand it, is about the last days and the judgment of evil, and, for the most part it is. “However,” (a BIG “however,” and a “however” most of us do not like to hear and will rarely study or teach on is this. We rather desire to read into the Bible what we want it to say instead of doing an honest, carful, biblical eschatological study or the simple approach of exegetical eschatology. Then we camp on our hill and tend to die on it in our pride, bringing foolishness to ourselves and the Kingdom of God. Let’s not do that.  

We need to see that Revelation is also about how we are called to lead and manage HIS CHURCH! It really is not just about end times, it is so much more. End Times is an aspect, but not the focus. We forget it is a letter to seven churches who were struggling, dealing with disloyalty from within and persecution from without and End Times was the “hook” to get them to refocus at the big picture to look too God and church right.

For example in Revelation 17, the question we need to ask is, are we being a “harlot” with His Church? Not, who could be the harlot that may come? Consider that prostitution is a form of adultery—not just in the sexual sense, but being disloyal to God so we are committing adultery to Him. It is unfaithfulness, and thus corruption and disintegration of our life, faith, and then the family because of the breakdown of the Church resulting in the breakdown of society (Is. 57:3; Jer. 3:8-9; Hos. 2:4). This is about who you pledge your life to. Is it to your own pride? Or, is it to His Church and the glorification of Christ? Or, do you chase bad trends, sins, and the ways of the world? Are you so concerned with your way of doing things that His Way is pushed aside or skewed? If so, perhaps you are the “harlot,” or at least acting like it. Consider the struggles of these seven churches and the struggles in your life and church. You may have some prayer and repenting to do! I know I have had to do so!


Revelation Theological Value


Throughout its history and without question, the Church has accepted Revelation as Scripture. It is viewed as distinctive in its genre and authoritative for faith and practice. Revelation is the Inspired Word of our Lord God and is profitable for us to know, trust, and to obey!

Christ is Supreme and Glorified! Revelation shows us a future hope by Christ’s finished work and sovereignty, the unity of the Church, and our eternal glory. We are given an eternal perspective to life and our purpose. Thus we need not fear our circumstances or the future.

Christ is depicted as Majestic King and Judge of the universe (Rev.1:12-20; 2:1-3:22). He addresses specific needs of the church as THE Church Growth Consultant, who warns us not to fail from lack of faith or disobedience at managing our Church. He tells us of our responsibility and obligations, and promises He is still in control and all will work out (Jer. 29:1-32; Rev. 2:7-17, 26-28; 3:5, 12, 21). Five of the seven churches in Asia Minor had severe problems. They were struggling with corruption, apathy, and discord. God knew that and wanted us to pursue Him, not our ideas and/or trends.

Revelation helps us in understanding the social and political workings of our sinful nature and our chief adversary, Satan.

Its further theological value is shown by how John counters heresy and false teachings. These seven churches not only depict churches that were going on in John’s time, they each portray how churches typify in their management and exercise, most missing the mark, purpose, and call He has for us. The call of the Church is to know Him intimately, grow in Him passionately, and worship Him wholeheartedly as His victorious witnesses (Rev. 2:1-3:22).

When false or misguided Bible teachers seek to be dogmatic or twist Revelation to conform to their preconceived images, its relevance is devalued and congregations are deprived of their true impact and value.

We are not to be overly literal, comparing first century imageries to the current headlines. Nor are we to ignore current events and miss Revelation’s instructions for us.

The overarching purpose of the book, as with any Book of the Bible, is our authentic spiritual growth and His impact on us so we can impact others! We must understand our responsibly to be truthful and honest whenever we engage God’s most precious Word!