Revelation Idealist view

The Third is the Idealist view, which came about under 19th century liberalism. This view maintains that the prophecies of the Apocalypse are not specific events or indicate any specific historical or future happening. Rather, they are only poetry and symbolisms.

This view ascertains principles and ideas of our war with Satan, and will repeat in various forms until the Second Coming. Its only value is teaching us that good will eventually have victory over evil. The problem is that those who hold this view refuse to associate the images with any specific future events, and miss the point that Revelation is written in an apocalyptic genre, and thus the language is clear, that the images and themes have or will have history and significance (Rev. 4:1).

The fact is that Revelation does teach us how Satan operates and we can use these principles for understanding and combating Spiritual Warfare. In addition, these principles have been in play and at work all through church history. However, this view ignores the veracity of prophecy.


5 thoughts on “Revelation Idealist view

  1. Letter was written to seven churches in Asia minor by a writer who encouraged those 7 churches to remain faithful to Jesus. What would you write to over 400 denominations all over the world, not just the free world to day, o by the way spare me your specific events that have been used by every generation since its writing. .

    • The fact that every generation has seen “signs” of Christ’s return in their current events, just tells us that people are anxiously watching and awaiting His return. But many of the puzzle pieces were not yet in place. Today, many events have taken place to set the stage for the Book of Revelation to be fulfilled. We are closer today than they were in years past. Come Lord Jesus!

  2. Idealism can be traced back as far as Agustine, not just beginning in the 19 th century. How ever dispensationalism began in the 19th century.

    • Dispensationalism has existed since the Scriptures have existed. The Apostle Paul taught dispensationalism. People’s understanding of dispensationalism has become clearer since the 19th century, but it has been around since the beginning of the church age.

  3. I would say that I believe in Idealist Amillennialism. The Book of Revelation is simply telling us that good and evil will exist in the world until the Second Coming of Christ. There will be a General Resurrection and General Judgment. The evil will spend eternity in Hell, the place of eternal punishment. The righteous will dwell forever in Heaven with God.

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