Revelation 21:1-8: What are the Contexts?

This passage is the about the Throne, power, and purpose of God being made known and extended to us. This is about Godthe Creator, Redeemer, and Consummator communing with us and making a total transformation and renovation of His creation! He brings all things to fruition. He brings peace and a future to those in Him! As magnificent as this is, it is only the backdrop of what is going on; the far more spectacular “center stage” is that God IS among us. He is our Lord, Protector, and Sustainer. He will remove evil; so those who are in Him will never hear, “depart from me.” Rather, we will hear “come to me and I will give you rest.” He has saved us, but here is how He continues to save us as His grace is continually at work, involved, and shepherding us now and for eternity. He promises us all things new, and for those who reject Him, all things of judgment. In the meantime, we have Christ in us now, empowering us—a preview, and a real, effectual presence and hope for us now. This is to inspire us for faith, reliability, and steadfastness in our Christian life (Ex. 33:14; Matt. 7:23; 11:28-30; 25:41; John 5:22). 

What do you think this new heaven and new earth will be like? Do you like the literal or the non-literal view? Why?  


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