Revelation 21:1-8


The New Heaven and Earth! 

Total renovation! A voice announces that all things will be renewed! God is making all things new and John now sees hope beyond wonder as a new heaven and a new earth are formed. God is removing evil from humanity, separating out the good. The old earth and heaven have disappeared; even the sea is gone. Then, John sees a New Jerusalem coming directly from God in heaven like a bride being given away at a wedding. Everyone is celebrating, shouting that the throne and presence of God is now among us all, as God Himself now lives with us and within us for eternity. Then the greatest comfort is given; God wipes away all of our sorrows and fears so there is no more death, suffering, or pain as evil is wiped away for good.  God is sitting on His throne and telling John to make sure he is writing all of this down correctly. God’s Word is true and trustworthy. Then, God reveals to John another one of His names, the first and last, the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. Then, He promises refreshment to quench the thirst of all who are victorious in Christ, who will inherit everlasting life. Christ gives us springs of water without charging us what is owed, and thus, His grace continues.  But, God will also keep His promise of judgment; all those who are evil will be removed from those who are good, and all those evil people will be sent to hell for all eternity.   

What is in your life that you would like to have totally renovated? Home, church, work, car, spouse,…?  

God’s grace is continually at work, He is involved and shepherding you now and for eternity. What will you do with this information?


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