Arguing over Rapture

Arguing rapture c









Are you rapture ready? Is that really important? 

How important is the “Second Coming” to you concerning how you live your life?

If so, take a look to the Book, as God does not care, in fact He is disappointed. Because He wants us Fruit ready! Think not? Read Galations chapter five and Ephesians chapter four. What does God want of us? A well laid out end times theory or a fruitful life?

Take a look at 2 Peter 3: 1-9, where God Promises Christ’s Return to us! The key word tells all, “Coming… He promised/promise of His coming. Peter is calling us to think back to what the Lord has done for us, so we don’t forget His grace, His provisions, and His answered prayers and blessings. To focus on the here and now what Christ is doing in and take hope He is coming, so we are not to be overcome with the struggles of the moment, so we do not see how He has brought us through them in the past. We are to refresh our memory in Him.

During this time, some people in the Early Church thought Jesus was coming right back right then, which was nearly two thousand years ago, and this was taught that as fact, as many do today missing the point. And, the false teachers used their impatience and misunderstandings of what Jesus taught against them too. Thus, the false teachers were spreading gossip as they mocked them and the ‘regular’ teachers were getting it wrong. Ironically, scoffing is one of the evidences that we are in the last days. We must be careful that what we believe and teach is authentic, or others will use our own words against us and perhaps be just in doing so.

We have to remember this: God does not take sides in a congregation where one side wants a beige covered hymnbook and the other side wants one with a blue cover, as God does not care if we have carpet or tile in the narthex.. He wants us to worship Him as LORD. In the same way, if someone is Pre Mill and others are Post Mill or Am Mill, or Pre Trib or Post Trib, or some are passionate about a rapture while others do not see that in Scripture. It is just not important. What is? That our fruitfulness now and that He is coming back, this is what it is all about.

Arguing about the delivery device is like getting excited about the hot dogs at a ball game, then quarrel what mustard, brown or yellow, you want on it, then not realizing you are missing the world series.

God does not take sides; He grieves when we engage in hostile actions against one another. Ephesians 4:1-6 clearly states what God wants; what He does not want is our feeble wars with one another. We must center ourselves on God’s desires and not our own!

The Christian must not be the type of person who has to have things his or her way all the time. As Christians, we must be in submission to the authority of Christ. Keep the main thing the main thing and not place our faith and worry in the trivialities.

When we are so, the natural inclination to be driven by our self-fulfilling ideas will fall off. The constant prowling to get what we want-when we want it-disintegrates the call because the result of this attitude is a reckless rudeness to others that destroys relationships and inhibits the spread of the Gospel. God calls us out of disintegration and into reconciliation.



2 thoughts on “Arguing over Rapture

  1. Dear All

    I’ve been intrested in Eschatology at least since reading Hal Lindsey’s book ” The Late Great Planet Earth”
    I guess I’ve come a long way. I have a whole new perspective on it. There is a book written by Gert Muller
    named ” The History of Black Hebrews Vol. 2. Did you know the Hebrews were only in Egypt 215 years ?
    The King James Bible is wrong in this respect. The Septuagint and the Samaritan Pentatuch both also infer
    a 215 year sojourn as does Flavius Josephus. What I”m saying is that I suspect black peope here in the United States are undergoing the 400 year curse/affliction and its soon to be over in the year 2018. Immediately after this is the opening of the Sixth Seal as recorded in the book of Revelation. This means Pole Shift, partial orbit decay ( seven times brighter days), and the speed up by a thired the spin of the earth. I have no absolute proof but this seem vastly more plausible the current Eschatology views.

  2. Hello All Again

    You might think what does my previous stated view have to do with the idea of the Rapture. I regret not
    making the relationship plain. Well its this, that the Rapture has to do with the Last Trump afer the Seventh Seal is opened, not before. This Last Trump has to do with the gathering of the Saints of God for the battle struggle with the Beast. Not a struggle really. These Saints are Israelites, mostly. All of this confusion is because people don’t want to recognise who the Israelites really are almost as if to bypass and dis-inherit them. I hope there is another explanation. Daniel plainly states who the Saints are.

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